african animal skins for sale

african animal skins for sale

African Animal Skins /Pelts – Pg 1. A Grade Burchell Zebra Skin. Was $1300-00. Now $895-00. Region: South Africa. African Giraffe Skin – not often available. From$1950-00. Region: South Africa. African Blesbok skin / hide. $65-00. Region: South Africa. African Hartebeest skin / hide. $170-00. Region: South Africa.

Quality exotic African animal skins, hides, rugs and throws imported from Africa including impala, zebra, ostrich, python and more.

Buy animal skins and animal hides wholesale from Atlantic Coral Enterprise a direct importer from Africa, Finland and India of animal skins and hides.

Animal skin rugs and leather hides for sale.. Animal Skin Rugs, Hides and Furs. well as cowhides and beautiful hides from exotic deer and African species.

Free Shipping on many items across the worlds largest range of Animal Skin African Novelty Area Rugs. Find the perfect Christmas gift ideas with eBay.

Cowhide Rug Tricolor Nguni Cow Hide Extra Large Animal Skin South African Home Decor Soft Furnishings Black White Gray Animal Print Pattern. Herdboi.

Have a look at our accessories & decorative pages to bring home an item that has been hand crafted in Africa. All animal by-products obtained through .

Superbly tanned leathers, imported and local cowhides, genuine zebra and springbok skins have been the cornerstone of African Gameskin since its inception .

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