where to cut carpet

where to cut carpet

where to cut carpet

Start with a sharp knife. This will be the most important (and possibly the only) tool you’ll need to cut carpet. Place the tip of the knife against the carpet. Drag the blade along in a straight line. Replace your knife blade as needed.

Instead of raking your blade across the carpet and through the padding to make a cut, just make a 4-5 inch hole and use your fingers to pull the carpet up with one hand, then cut the raised carpet with the other using your utility knife.

Whether you’re ready to try your hand at carpet installation or you simply want to use an existing remnant to make your own area rug, cutting the carpet is a huge …

One of the biggest problems that people have with cutting carpet straight is that they try to rush. When you rush through the process, you are most likely going to …

When you come to a “transition” where the carpet meets another section of carpet or other flooring, cut the carpet and leave the transition in place (Photo 2).

There’s a huge difference between laying down and area rug and installing wall-to-wall carpeting. For one thing, the latter involves cutting the floor covering so …

Cut the Second Edge. Lay the newly cut edge of carpet back down over the uncut piece. It should still overlap the bottom piece by about 2 inches. Place a straightedge along the edge of the cut carpet, and use the knife to cut through the bottom piece of carpet, slicing through only a single row of threads, as before.

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